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The benefits of Propcorn

Propcorn provides a simple and cost effective method of storing grain. Suitable for most grains including wheat, barley, oats, maize, & pulses such as peas, beans or lupins, the benefits are numerous:

  • Higher return per acre

  • Better feed value with fewer digestive problems

  • Less dust - healthier for farmer and stock

  • Reduced shedding losses.

  • Keeps grain cool - discourages mites & weevil

Digestibility (%) in steers fed rations based on hay and rolled barley-moist (Propcorn treated) or dried
It has been shown at independent research centres that Propcorn treatment has achieved the following results:
  • Improved milk yields by 4%
  • Increased live weight gain in beef cattle by 4%
  • Developed feed efficiency in pigs by up to 6%.
    Propcorn also increases energy levels as it has an energy value itself of around 1.5 times that of barley.

A natural solution

Propcorn is an organic acid, which occurs naturally in the rumen. The acid inhibits the growth of moulds, yeasts and bacteria and prevents the Ďheating upí of moist feeds. Propcorn treated grain has been successfully fed to cattle, sheep, goats, pigs, poultry and horses throughout the world for over 30 years.

Flexible and versatile

Harvesting can take place even when there is surface dampness on the grain - whether dew or rain - enabling farmers to start combining earlier in the morning, or after rain, and to continue later at night.
Propcorn grain can be treated and rolled straight off the combine and then stored until required rather than the traditional treat, store then roll method.
Propcorn also aids processing. Treated grain rolls much easier than dried grain and fewer costs are incurred when Propcorn is used i.e. no drying cost and a lower storage cost. Shatter losses are also reduced.
The alternative treatment, drying, often results in a harder, drier and dustier material that is less suitable for feeding directly to animals in a coarse mix. Less dust with Propcorn treatment also means healthier conditions for the user
Propcorn treatment also inhibits the germination of seeds which can pass through the animal intact and is subsequently returned to the land.


  • Propcorn treated grain can be stored on a dry floor
  • Do not store with untreated grain as it can draw in the moisture and begin to heat up
    Please also note that natural Vitamin E in moist grain - Propcorn treated or not - declines during storage. When Propcorn treated grain forms a major part of the diet, use Maxcare Propcorn Balance - which is high in Vitamin E.

Successful Harvest 2008?

Yes! Despite the weather many farmers took advantage of our high moisture roll & store treatment which is available with our new Buschhoff machine, even with moisture levels in excess of 20%.

The method is very straight forward

Corn is combined the normal way. Our machines suck the corn direct from trailers or corn store. Itís then rolled and processed treated, then discharged via auger into your storage facilities, as long as its dry and safe from vermin it will keep for the winter feeding period.

The key benefits:

  • Increases energy
  • Easy to store, no need to sheet or clamp
  • Winter feed can be done in one hit
  • Suitable for all grains
  • Harvesting can take place earlier even in damp condition
  • No drying costs

Independent research has achieved the following results:

  • Improved milk yield by 5%
  • Increased lwg in beef cattle by 4%
  • Develops feed efficiency in pigs by up to 6%
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